Our Principles

  • Only for Top Managers of major companies in Belgium and Luxemburg.
    TOP MANAGEMENT events only focus on CEOs, members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the largest companies.

  • Between peers: we limit the participation of consultants to our events in order to allow the participants to profit from the possibility of sharing knowledge, solutions and business opportunities only between peers

  • Top Managers address Top Managers: our speakers are only Top Managers, academics and experts who bring their experience and ability of achieving results to our selected audience

  • Quality: all caracteristics (location, catering, etc.) of our events are defined to achieve the highest quality standards of our required target group

  • Sponsoring:

    Interested to become partners of one of our events? Different real interesting solutions exist. Just call: + 32 2 646 27 40 (ask for Thierry Roberti-Lintermans or Pierre Jacobs)